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Large and small animal care
1247 Lane 14, Worland Wyoming
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Steven Tharp D.V.M.
Steven Tharp is a veterinarian residing and practicing in Worland, Wyoming since his graduation from Colorado State University sometime before our Saviors birth. His vast experience, flavored with the spices of time, have given him a somewhat outside the box, perspective, not only on the practice of veterinary medicine but also the unique rural population he services in an isolated environment in the remote hamlets and cow country of Wyoming. His life, as he sees it, has consisted of long hours of traveling boredom interrupted by brief moments of stark terror. Steve is a novice word smith and perceives himself quite a nimble journalist and comical quick wit, but then again you decide. You see, Steve believes everybody wants to be a cowboy but did you know?
Everyone wants to be a cowboy
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Belle Belden received her DVM degree from Colorado State University in the spring of 2017. She grew up in Thermopolis, wyoming and worked at Tharp Veterinary Clinic for several years before beginning the endeavor of veterinary school. She was very involved in 4-H and equestrian 3 day eventing during her youth which sparked her lifelong desire to work in the veterinary field. She obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Wyoming and spent four years singing Ragtime Cowboy Joe during game days. GO POKES!! She and her husband, Dusty enjoy rinding horses and traveling together. Dr. Belden has additional training in veterinary acupuncture therapy and is excited to offer this treatment to clients and patients. She received the honorable award of " The Gentle Doctor" from her professors at Colorado State University. She believes that a compassionate heart and a kind hand make a world of difference when working with animals and their dedicated owners.
Dr. Belle Belden
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