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Large and small animal care
1247 Lane 14, Worland Wyoming
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A dust bowl boy in a flower sack shirt, a dust bowl family with no net worth
Tracked up north till the road came to sage
A dust bowl boy a child of the earth, didn't care he had a flour sack shirt
An Okie family beggin' for a wage
3 broken hammer forged an iron will
3 broken hammers an unshakeable faith
3 broken hammers an undying love
3 broken hammers and his word was gold
Broken plow shears hammered to his will
Broken dreams forged into new ones
A family nest hammered in faith and trust
Nothing when he started and half of that when he left
A musty old wooden shed
5 children and a loving wife nested in a sod roof house
Desire to demand more than the land is willing to give
The slave master becomes enslaved
Homesteads of broken dreams fallen barns and empty fields
The most he had left was virtue and love
Started with nothing and ended with the best
And they were ground down physically mentally and economically
Only the persistence of an iron will
A land that takes much more than it gives
To subdue the unwilling mistress
The plowed furrow pushes back
Last man standing
What it gave back and all that was left were 3 broken hammers and a pearl a drop a family who loved and respected him
3 broken hammers laid down on the bench
He let go of all that was broken
The broken dream the broken spirit the broken man
3 broken hammers made him whole
The land will push back, rebel against the slave master
He broke the first hammer over the back of his dream of the sod
His legacy lingers and lives on still 3 broken hammers forged an iron will
3 broken hammers on the window sill
3 broken hammers rusted and taped
3 broken hammers 10lb 8lb and 6
5 Broken Hammers
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