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Our philosophy has always been eye ball to eye ball in the relationships we form with our people and their family pets. My staff and myself strive to go the extra mile and do more than is required in a comfortable one on one setting with our folks. We are here to answer your concerns, give the best advise possible in a timely fashion. So, fill your coffee or cocoa cup......check out our client pictures, contemplate our Veterinarian's thoughtful meanderings and by all means give us a call.  We'll fill more than your coffee cup!
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Some of my favorite Writings
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"Now life is a book of pages.....laid open, one and two
most in time will fill the first.....but the second, seldom do.
Life on one is twisted.....a mirage is what you chase
in a desert of deception.....a dream can have no place.
Page two is beyond this desert.....a home in the starlight sky.
Tie hard to the tail of a Ghost Wind.....and a horse grows wings to fly!"

excert from: Forever Cowboy Blue by Steven Tharp